ESGAM’s Secretary General address on “Women Driving ESG Innovation” at the Belt and Road Symposium Malaysia 2023

At the Belt and Road Symposium Malaysia 2023, ESGAM Secretary General, Rina Neoh, delivered a powerful address on “Sustainable Business Leadership: Women Driving ESG Innovation. Rina emphasized the pivotal role of women in propelling innovation and positive change within the dynamic realm of ESG planning. The forum delved into crucial elements such as securing leadership buy-in, crafting strategic plans, and fostering a culture aligned with ESG principles. Recognizing women for their inherent strengths and unique expertise in sustainability-related disciplines, Rina highlighted their instrumental contribution in steering companies toward robust ESG integration.

The Gender-ESG connection was a central theme, revealing a positive correlation between gender diversity and superior ESG performance. Rina Neoh showcased transformative case studies, notably Anthem under Gail K. Boudreaux, illustrating the profound impact of women leaders in successfully integrating ESG practices. In the context of a VUCA world, the forum stressed the enduring nature of sustainability leadership and ESG, underscoring the necessity for active women participation in driving innovation. Collaborative efforts across sectors were emphasized as essential for the successful implementation of ESG strategies. Rina’s call to action resonated strongly, urging the audience to embrace ESG challenges, champion gender diversity, and empower women to lead the way in integrating sustainable practices. Collaborate, invest in education, and pave the path for a future where women play a central role in shaping a more sustainable and responsible world. Today’s choices wield the power to sculpt a landscape of innovation led by women. 🌍✨

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