ESGAM x Sunway University Business Analytics School: The Capstone Project

πŸš€ ESGAM x Sunway BBA: Capstone Project Opportunity πŸš€
In collaboration with ESGAM and SUNWAY University Business Analytics School, we present an exciting Capstone Project opportunity to our members!

πŸŽ“ What is Capstone Project?
It’s a final year project for Sunway Business Analytics School program students, aims to tackle industrial-specific business process issues through innovative solutions in web development, machine learning, or deep learning models.

πŸ† Success Stories:
Previous projects have proven impactful! For instance, students improved dental booking matrices, patient analysis, and diagnosis frequency, leading to commercialization.

πŸ’Ό Is This You?
– Are your business processes too manual?
– Do your digital processes lack efficiency due to redundancy?
– Is your information flow overly reliant on human decision-making?
– Are you spending too much time on data cleaning and visualization?

πŸ” Example Scenario:
Struggling with Supplier Invoices? Our students propose:
βœ… Development of a Digital Account Representative
βœ… Automated Accounting Tasks in ERP System (SAGE X3)
βœ… Expected Gains: 50% process efficiency, 80% cycle time reduction, 50% cost savings

πŸ“ How to Participate:
1. Write to with your requirements, Provide:
– Business process flow of current state
– Detailed requirements for proposed solutions

2. Enjoy the benefits! No cost, exclusively for ESGAM members.

⚠ Disclaimer:
Terms and conditions are confidential between participating parties. ESGAM & SunUBBA are not liable for any disputes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business processes! GetΒ inΒ touchΒ now!