ESGAM President Highlights the Crucial Role of ESG in Business Reputation at PUMM Bureau Of ESG Event

ESGAM President Adj. Prac. Prof. Cheah Kok Hoong spoke on The Impact of ESG On Your Business Reputation at an event organized by the PUMM Bureau Of ESG: “How to Build a Business that’s Loved by Consumers and Employees with SDGs/ESG” He addressed the critical impact of ESG on business reputation and participated in a panel discussion with Ms. Jess, founder of Job Majestic. The event highlighted the increasing pressure on businesses to comply with global and local sustainability regulations to avoid losing market share and funding.

He stressed that ESG compliance is crucial for Malaysia, a major global supplier with RM1.55 trillion in exports in 2022. He used Patagonia as a case study to show how strong environmental efforts and a robust social culture can lead to long-term value creation and business success.

During the panel discussion, several key takeaways emerged. Panelists collectively emphasized the importance of thorough preparation in business decisions, noting that investing extra time upfront can prevent significant future complications. “If you don’t spend an extra 4 hours in something, it will take 400 hours to clean up the mess”. They discussed the critical nature of informed decision-making, warning that diving into ESG initiatives without proper knowledge can lead to greater effort and expense in correcting missteps. The discussion reinforced the necessity for businesses to deeply understand and integrate ESG principles to build resilient and reputable brands. The panel concluded with a strong call to action for businesses to proactively embrace sustainability, ensuring they remain competitive and respected in an increasingly ESG-focused market.