ESGAM President Highlights Tangible Realities and Future Opportunities in ESG at SusDIA’24 Conference

ESGAM President Adj. Practice Professor Cheah Kok Hoong delivered a session titled Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of ESG, at the Sustainable Development Innovation and Advancement Conference 2024 (SusDIA’24). His talk provided valuable insights into navigating the changing landscape of ESG, global and APAC sustainability trends, challenges for nations and companies, and the wealth of sustainable opportunities available.

Key takeaways from the session include the need to move beyond greenwashing and recognize the tangible realities of sustainability. By 2025, 78% of multinational corporations (MNCs) plan to remove suppliers that endanger their carbon transition plans. Tackling supply chain emissions, which account for 73% of MNCs’ total emissions, is crucial for achieving net-zero targets. He noted that 3 in 5 SMEs view ESG as a path to lasting value, a robust workforce, and more business opportunities.

The call to action from him centered on the enduring influence of sustainability leadership and ESG on how we perceive, evaluate, and make investment decisions. He encouraged attendees to win the big game by pioneering and investing in the future, embodying the change they wish to see in the world. Drawing from case studies such as Harvard University’s Sustainability Action Plan and City Developments Limited’s (CDL) integration of sustainability into core business operations, he highlighted the potential for governments, organizations, and educators to drive meaningful change through policies, collaboration, and best practices.