ESGAM President, Guides Summit Discussion on the Fusion of Digital Strategy and Sustainability at the 2023 World Digital Economy & Technology Summit

ESGAM President, Adj. Practice Professor Cheah Kok Hoong had the opportunity to moderate a thought-provoking session at #WDET on the convergence of Digital Strategy and Sustainability today. The session featured panelists Barbara Meynert, Shazali Sulaiman, Arina Kok, Girish Mavath Ramachandran (吉利) (niño) (gierig) (गिरीश), Murugason R. Thangaratnam LL.B. (Bond Uni), CCSMS, CCSP, CDSP, CDTP, Sharlene Thiagarajah and Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj

In an era where the digital landscape and sustainability goals are intricately intertwined, it’s crucial to explore the immense potential and challenges that arise from this union. Today, digital technologies are our compass in the pursuit of sustainability excellence.

Key takeaways:
📍Digital tech is crucial for sustainability, aiding measurement, resource optimization, and emission reduction.

📍Digital paves the way for a circular economy, minimizing waste through resource reuse.

📍Collaboration and innovation are vital in addressing environmental challenges.

Exciting times ahead for digital and sustainability!

#DigitalSustainability #ClimateInnovation