ESGAM Awareness Event: Business Reimagined – Bridging The Sustainability Gap For SMEs

An intense and highly interactive gathering hosted in collaboration between CIMB & ESGAM, together orchestrated an impactful event, drawing over 120 attendees from diverse industries which include ESGAM Members, SME Association Members, industry leaders, academicians and also passionate advocates of ESG. This event was generously sponsored by CIMB which aimed to illuminate the path to sustainable business practices especially for SMEs.

Setting the tone for the event, En. Ahmad Shazli Kamarulzaman, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Group Commercial and Transaction Banking at CIMB, delivered an inspiring opening speech, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in shaping the future of business. His insights provided a foundation for the discussions that followed, highlighting CIMB’s commitment to supporting SMEs in their journey towards sustainable growth.

Mr. C.S. Chin, Secretary General of SME Association of Malaysia, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, underlining the significance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving sustainability initiatives within the SME sector. His welcoming remarks fostered a sense of community, encouraging participants to actively engage in the enriching sessions ahead.
This event featured prominent speakers addressing critical aspects of sustainable business practices led by Cik Emeera Hashim, Managing Director of Impacto Sdn Bhd, where she passionately shared her views on how organizations can navigate through Malaysia’s sustainability landscape, emphasizing the urgency for SMEs to adopt ESG practices.

En. Azmir Abdullah, Head of Sustainable Finance at CIMB, shed light on resources and support available through CIMB’s GreenBizReady™ and Sustainability-Linked Financing (SLF) for SMEs.

Dr. M. Jessica, Senior Director at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), elucidated the i-ESG framework and its benefits for SMEs.

And finally, Ms. Vivian Choo from CIMB explored the growth of consumer-centric sustainable financing products from the bank.

The event culminated to a Fireside Chat panelist session exploring opportunities and challenges associated with transitioning to a greener and more sustainable economy, especially for SMEs. A thought-provoking session indeed. Moderated by Mr. KC Hong, Vice President of ESGAM, the panel included Cik Emeera Hashim, Dr. Jessica, Mr. C.S. Chin of SME Association Malaysia, and Mr. Tan Hong Tat from CIMB Bank Malaysia. Their insights delved into the intricacies of sustainable business practices, offering a roadmap for SMEs venturing into the green economy.

In a heartfelt closing, Adjunct Professor Cheah, the President of ESG Association of Malaysia (ESGAM), extended sincere appreciation and gratitude to the organizing committees for their dedication in putting up a highly successful event. Thanking CIMB for their pivotal sponsorship and also to all speakers, panelists, for their commitment in sharing invaluable insights. Not forgetting, he thanked all attendees for their active participation, making this event highly engaging and stimulating.

Their collective contribution has truly enriched the dialogue on sustainable business practices. Adj. Prof. Cheah emphasized the critical role SMEs play in the sustainable business landscape and urged continued collaboration and commitment to drive positive change.

A big THANK YOU to everyone involved for making this event a resounding success.