ESGAM’s President speaks at the Moving Forward into 2024 Business and Tax Conference

ESGAM’s President Adj. Practice Professor Cheah Kok Hoong took center stage as a distinguished speaker at the Moving Forward into 2024 Business and Tax Conference, organized by Syarikat Ong Sdn Bhd.

In an enlightening session, President delved into the profound impact of ESG adoption on SMEs’ business sustainability, sharing insights alongside En. Azmir Abdullah from CIMB Bank. Here are the key takeaways from their session:

1️. Navigating the VUCA World:
In our ever-changing world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, he emphasized the need for leaders to proactively confront and adapt with tenacity. Understanding the myriad factors shaping our world, from ESG and geopolitical relations to disruptive business models and technological trends, is crucial for sustained success.

2️. Sustainability Leadership and ESG:
Sustainability Leadership and ESG are not just trends but permanent fixtures influencing how we perceive and make investment decisions. The session underscored the importance of holistic participation—from government to business leaders—in driving initiatives that balance purpose and profit. Collaboration across sectors, facilitated by cross-government ministries and agencies, is essential for effective ESG implementation.

3️. Pioneering the Future:
The call to action from the session was clear—win the big game by pioneering and investing in the future. Leaders are urged to be the change they want to see, making choices that address short-term demand while ensuring long-term sustainability. He stressed the significance of investing in localized certification, standards, and training for global compliance, urging continuous education to nurture a passion for sustainability and ESG.

A big thank you to Syarikat Ong Sdn Bhd Ong and Ms. Agnes Wong for the kind invitation and inclusion of ESGAM in this impactful conference!

Let’s embrace change, make informed choices, and collectively shape a sustainable future!  

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