Unveiling Insights: ESGAM President and Experts Illuminate Pathways to Environmental Sustainability at MIM’s Panel Session

🌿✨ Reflecting on the insightful Environmental Sustainability and ESG panel session hosted by Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) a few weeks ago! The panel, including Adj. Practice Professor Cheah Kok Hoong, ESGAM President, shed light on critical aspects of sustainability. The discussions delved into the responsibility to conserve resources, emphasizing the actual usage of resources by businesses. Dr. Jay Desan stressed the need for education and awareness-building, especially for SMEs, highlighting the importance of survivability and innovation in navigating the path to environmental sustainability. As Prof Cheah pointed out, processes are in place to measure, and businesses just need to take the first step.

The event also explored challenges and initiatives related to environmental sustainability in diverse sectors of the Malaysian industry. Insights were shared on how businesses could balance financial goals with long-term sustainability, overcome challenges in funding, and align with regional and global efforts. As COP28 unfolded in Dubai, the panel including Dato’ Faiz Azmi discussed potential short-term impacts on the national economy if the government moves away from fossil fuels. The importance of leadership commitment, stakeholder involvement, and talent in driving successful ESG initiatives was emphasized, and the panel concluded with a thought-provoking discussion on the talent gap, suitable technologies, and infrastructure needed for a greener economy in Malaysia. 🌱💡 #ESGAM #SustainabilityDialogues #ESGInnovation #MIMEvents