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Join the ESG Association of Malaysia to further your efforts in implementing sustainable business practices, whether you are just getting started or are already well along the road.

Joining ESG Malaysia


  • Contribute to a sustainable development
  • Become part of an international development network
  • Be trained in the ESG field and become an ESG expert
  • Best practice guidance from professionals coming from various fields
  • Access to various ESG-related tools, resources, and trainings
  • Use of ESG Association of Malaysia marks to showcase proficiency
  • Brings various advantages to your business and the society
  • Include ESG advisory services in the company portfolio
  • Connect with a range of stakeholders who have the same goals

Membership Categories & Fees

Member Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
RM 1,000
RM 2,000
RM 1,000
RM 1,000
RM 500
RM 1,000
RM 200 (non-student)
RM 50 (student)
RM 300 (non-student)
RM 50 (student)

Enrollment Process

  1. Fill in application form via e-form/ downloadable version (pdf)
  2. Attach necessary documents
  3. Send your forms and documents to
  4. ESG Malaysia will review and approve application
  5. Pay applicable fee to ESG Malaysia
  6. Enjoy ESG Malaysia membership benefits

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