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An organization’s environmental and social impacts can be envisioned through its ESG program, which brings various benefits to the business/corporation internally and externally.

Setting environmental goals in your corporation can help to reduce your carbon footprint, choose your sourcing strategy, and set the foundation for reducing unnecessary waste. Building a meaningful diversity program, improving employee wellness, and making long-lasting changes in your community are all possible from the perspective of the social pillar in ESG. 

Additionally, you can diversify your board, improve company ethics, raise stakeholder transparency, and protect privacy by establishing a solid governance framework.

These are just a few of the many advantages of a strong, tailored ESG program that will assist your corporation/business in achieving its sustainability objectives as Malaysia transitions towards sustainability.

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ESG Malaysia

The theme of Sustainability has ultimately become central both in perception of public opinion and in the plans of institutions. This also signify that the connection between the bottom-line and a company’s environmental, social, and governance practice is becoming clear. Thus, ESG Association of Malaysia plays the role of being a centralized education platform that provides all interested parties with a cutting edge yet easy to use tool to support them in Malaysia’s transition towards sustainability.


Setting out our standards and framework for our members in aiding them to improve ESG disclosure and understanding as well as giving them sufficient information to make informed investment decisions.


Serving as the go-to platform for guidance materials, training, and other ESG-related resources while assisting members in developing their own long-term sustainability strategies.

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